To put all the thoughts I have on art in an artist statement would be extremely difficult, but I will do my best with the following.  I need to break these thoughts into categories or else it would become a big huge mess of random sentences like the first few times I wrote my artists theory.


My art theory is simple, broad, and in my mind very true.  “Art is anything that has the ability to create emotion.”


My personal style has morphed over the last 15 years.  I have dabbled with almost every medium, and I have grown because of it.  For the last 4 years I have settled comfortably into what is now being referred to as “my style.”  That style consists of a heavy influence of street, pop, and modern art.  My love of graphics, brands, and bright colors is front and center in almost everything I have made in the last 4 years.


A lot of times colors are brushed to the side, because we see everything in color.  Most of it is bland, and blends in, so when I paint I want my work to be the center of attention.  By creating as much depth as possible in my work, and having a knack for a more “stand-out” composition, what I do usually pops off the canvas or wall.


I have an appreciation for what I personally want to see in my art, but I am more infatuated with the process.  I love the process of making something and knowing that I can make something even more visually stimulating next.  This gives my style unlimited room for growth.  I feel extremely comfortable incorporating content, colors, and stencils that relate to a specific client.  I have no shame in making art in a corporate setting in order to fund my personal creative needs.

In essence I am open to working with people to create a visually stimulating piece of art that carries a creative meaning for me and a deeper meaning for the client.

I prefer bigger spaces opposed to smaller.  I prefer to paint with spray paint, mops, and stencils, but I will occasionally use other medium to spice things up.


A dream would be to paint full time, and an even bigger dream is to be appreciated for what comes out of my mind on a global scale.

Generational Impact

In a day and age like mine, everything comes fast.  If we want to know something we go to google.  If we want food we use an app to find it and an app to lead us down the street in the right direction.  If we want to talk to someone we call or text.  Everything happens so fast, so I tend to get bored with long drawn out paintings.  I can separate layers with time, but for the most part, I would say speed is a major influence in what I do (hence the stencils and spray paint).  There is a lot of prep time, but when I am actually painting I want things to go smoothly from one part to the next as quickly as possible.

Bottom line, I love what I do and I will never stop.

Some samples of recent work:

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