About Me


The Run Down

I’m an artist and lover of start-ups from Kansas City, KS.  I truly love where I live because it has everything I could ever ask for, while the internet connects me to everything else.  My ultimate goal is to only paint everyday and enjoy the weather.

“People within the art community think I have a strong business side, while people on the business side think I’m really artsy.  It’s a situation I have grown to love.”

My design phylosophy is: “Design is anything that has the ability to draw emotion.”

I enjoy quickly making paintings that hit home with specific people, but have a look and feel that others can appreciate.  I always thought that if I could incorporate my painting style, and a clients life into a painting, I would hit a home run.  I have been trying to perfect my painting style as well as incorporating other people or companys thoughts since about 2006.  So far so good.

“It’s nice to be nice.”

-Guy Arkin

My family is a bunch of chronic entrpreneurs and it has rubbed off on me.  I feel like there is always an opportunity to make something better, or to introduce something that I find incredible to the rest of the world.  The hardest part is getting the rest of the world to notice, but I’m working on that every day.

Present “2021 About Me”

Since 2010 I’ve been married to an incredible person named Claire.  We have 3 children, and every day they all 4 remind me how incredible my life is.  I love life more today than any day before, and I can’t wait for tomorrow.

“About Me” 2010

I just want to be happy and smile as much as possible.  Also, I wouldn’t mind doing the same for others.

I love capitalism.  Not the old capitalism, but a new capitalism I like to think I’m helping to form, that uses the power of a solid business and great products for good.

I love art and more specifically bright colors.

I have recently fallen deeply in love with a girl and my new home, Kansas City.

I love my whole family, food, God, and waking up each day.

Facebook 2001 “About Me”

for as rich as you are, it’s much better by far, to be young at heart.

Live your life and only yours. Take time to listen, but be opinionated about what you’ve listened to. Smile at the worst of times while realizing you have it better than most. Respect the little things and endulge in your stupid wishes. don’t ignore things… accept the fact you know you don’t appreciate them. Smile till it hurts. You can do what you did today 29200 more times, or maybe once more, so you midaswell take advantage of one while you have it. HEY, don’t be selfish… take some people with you while your at it. your surroundings are the symbols of your life, so make sure they’re what you what them to be. pay attention to what you see as great smiles, beautiful hair, perfect eyes, the perfect cloud, that one extrordinary sound, clean reflections, colors.. oh my god any colors!, and love. Love the life you live, even without everything you want… and having everything you need. you can start with a huge smile… right now.
-enough said.

-By no means am I telling anyone what to do… I was just filling in the about me.